Week Of 1/2/2011


Here are your program updates:


Hopefully, your markdowns went very smoothly for you on Friday.  Please make sure that all of the markdowns are finished up and looking perfectly on Monday. 

There are no further markdowns or promos until indicated later this month

There are no new shipments scheduled for delivery to the stores until January 10th, 2011.  Please continue to use the optional picture fields in your reports to indicate low stock levels.  Make sure you are correctly communicating your stock levels in every report!

 New Directives:

·         The code flippers MUST be present in ALL pictures. (BEFORE / AFTER / AND CLUSTER)

·         Please try to make sure that your pictures are uploaded facing up (Not sideways)

·         ALL pictures MUST BE clear and easy to read. Hazy and hard to make out photos will be unacceptable

·         YOU MUST be able to see the entire fixture in every picture.  Make sure it is not a close up

·         Your Before and after picture MUST ALWAYS be of the SAME fixture

·         You MUST report your store visit the very same evening – NO EXCEPTIONS.


Good Reminders –

Team by no means should we EVER see empty hooks on your fixtures.  Be careful not to take your pictures without removing your empty hooks or filling them with product.

Make sure you are merchandising the SAME commodity across every row (I am seeing some pictures with more than one commodity on a row (Neckwear with earrings??  - this is not correct).  Team -  I am still seeing this in many of your pictures.  Call me and refer to your 6 step merchandising guidelines as to how we need these fixtures merchandised. 

Overall, the displays are not full enough.  If you do not have enough products, this is understandable, but if the fixtures look sparse and you have product in your drawers, you are NOT in compliance with our program.  The overall goal is to have the fixtures as full as possible looking neat and organized.  You should be able to fit 12 hooks across one row on the wide side of your fixture (6 hooks per block).  You should have 6 to 7 rows on each side of the fixture.  EXCEPTION:  If you have zero back stock in your drawers.

Daily Codes:

I hope everyone likes the new code flippers we sent out.  The pictures are looking very good!

Please note that if you do not have the codes on your pictures, we will be addressing this with you.  After the third offence of not having your code on at least your departure picture, you will be facing termination from our program.  Always remember that if you forget our code, you can always call my office number, my cell phone, email or text me. Office: 941-951-9000 Cell: 941-330-7877


Timely Reporting –We need your reports turned in the same day as your store visits.  You will have until midnight (Your time zone) to submit your reports.  As stated before, non compliance with timely reporting will jeopardize your position on this project.   The process will be a verbal warning followed by a written warning, then termination for non-compliance.


Always remember the overall goal of our program – Please note that the overall goal of this program is that the fixtures look neat, orderly, and filled to capacity.  All merchandise should be put out on the fixtures as much as possible.  The VMG’s are just a guide.  Please follow VMG’s as closely as possible, but this is not nearly as important as getting all merchandise out of boxes and displayed on the fixtures.  Make sure Silver goes with Silver and gold with gold, etc – and of course merchandised to the “block method” from your 6 step merchandising guide. 


Independent Contractor work through CAST:

Some of you may have received email notices of independent contractor work through our company.  Please know that you are a W-2 employee with CAST and you cannot also work as an Independent contractor through CAST for tax reasons.  We have to classify you as one or the other (W-2 Employee or 1099 Independent Contractor).  Because our program is on-going this is usually a better deal for you.  Please let me know if you have any questions


Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great week!


Angel Larson